About Us

We help our clients systematically convert cold prospects into warm leads, and then into clients.

MEKA Multicast Marketing was established to level the playing field and provide a resource to help the entrepreneurial small business owners attract their ideal customers, clients, and patients. BUT more importantly, to CONVERT visitors into LEADS and Leads into CUSTOMERS, CLIENTS and PATIENTS.

Plenty of businesses see the vast opportunity that exists, but few truly understand how to identify and reach their ideal customers, clients and patients.

We’ve found that most organizations either don’t have the resources available to do it themselves, or more commonly don’t have the in-house expertise to execute a marketing campaign the right way.

Let us do it for you.

Our team has experience working with businesses (large and small) in manufacturing, construction, IT, real estate, business consulting, software development and sales, marketing, banking, entertainment, the music industry, the outdoor industry, online media, accounting, payment processing, and more.

We’ve built marketing processes in many industries and overseen the business development and sales of millions of dollars. We understand the corporate marketing and sales process, and how to leverage it to help you generate many more leads.

If you’re interested in hiring us to develop  and manage a strategic marketing and lead gen campaign, please click here to get the conversation started.


About Our Clients

We Help B2B Companies Generate Leads and Increase Sales

We help our B2B clients get in front of dramatically more prospects, generate more leads and increase sales.  Our clients understand that 99.9% of their prospects can be reached through media like LinkedIn, and we help to design a campaign to not only reach them, but build lasting relationships.

Our clients know that marketing requires a focus on both short and long term objectives.  They also know that no marketing tactic can be effective in a silo. That’s why we insist on integrated campaigns that don’t just focus on any one media, but also leverage online and offline communication, content, webinars and more.

About Our Leader

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#1 Best Selling author, speaker, and consultant; Mark Klipsch has over thirty years of professional experience, with a discipline in marketing, business development and risk management. He has helped build companies in construction, trucking, international logistics, and financial services.

Known within numerous industries for his expertise with direct response marketing and problem solving skills, Mr. Klipsch is routinely referred by both clients and competitors.

Mr. Klipsch is a graduate of North Central College in Naperville, IL with Bachelors degrees in Economics and Marketing and still considers himself of student of both today. Klipsch is an active consultant to businesses both large and small; having among his clients numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Mr. Klipsch enjoys lending his time and talent to philanthropic endeavors where he works closely with his own charitable interests in business education. Klipsch currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri. He has two children; a son with his own business ambitions and a daughter who is pursuing her own interest in children’s education.