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Generate Qualified Leads,

 Convert Them to Clients

So You’ll Never Have To Worry About Where Your Next Customers, Clients Or Patients Will Come From…

Welcome to Expert Position Marketing

The Expert Position Marketing System REMOVES The Tedious Work of Getting Leads and Attracting Your Ideal Clients...and AUTOMATES the entire magnetic attraction process.

Get Your Own Customized, Comprehensive, Objective Expert Position “Marketing Strategy Review”!  100% Satisfaction Guaranteed...you risk nothing, except the chance to stop being an advertising victim.

A great marketing system entails getting the Right MESSAGE to the Right MARKET via the Right MEDIA, effectively, efficiently and profitably.  

We help you systematically build relationships with your ideal prospects, then convert them into warm qualified leads. We have deep expertise in designing and managing lead generation campaigns that leverage direct response marketing strategies that position you as the expert and magnetically attract your best clients, customers, and patients.


Marketing Strategy & Campaign Management

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We work with you to design a strategic campaign that utilizes direct response tools and media to achieve your marketing and sales goals. There is no canned solution. Everything we do is customized specifically to meet your objectives.

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We establish your presence by building a large database of high value prospects. Then we run an ongoing messaging campaign, through targeted online and offline media, building relationships and consistently delivering value to your prospects.

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Through our messaging online and offline communications, we deliver strategic marketing messages on your behalf. This isn’t spam. We only deliver content that adds value for your prospects, dramatically increasing the number of prospects in your funnel.

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The community and prospects cultivated and refined through the campaign result in the warmest leads of your ideal prospects possible. Conversions to sales are extremely high, and so is your ROI.

Are you ready to find out how we can help you Generate more leads, Convert more clients, and Increase sales?

Schedule Your Customized, Comprehensive, Objective "Expert Position Marketing Strategy Review" Today!        

Risk Free - Money Back Guarantee.  

Certified Partners 

MEKA Multicast Marketing is a certified partner and/or affiliate partner with the following technology partners to deliver the most comprehensive suite of marketing automation and technology resources to our clients.

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Unlike other software companies, we are solely focused on small business. We accelerate small business growth with our powerful, integrated sales and marketing software solution combines CRM, marketing automation, e-commerce, and payments solutions.

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We help B2B companies get in front of dramatically more prospects, generate more leads and increase sales.  Our clients understand that 99.9% of their prospects can be reached on LinkedIn, and we help to design a campaign to not only reach them, but build lasting relationships through webinars, newsletters, and value focused content.


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GKIC is THE global community of entrepreneurs providing cutting edge, market tested business and marketing mentorship, ideas, solutions, products and support in order to maximize the success of our members. A business haven for businessmen and women, surrounded by business experts and a network of similar minded entrepreneurs on parallel life and business journeys.

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FTC Guardian™ is truly #1 In FTC Compliance Training And the Internet's Most Advanced ‘Next Generation’ Online Compliance & SaaS Document Generation Platform, Plus Easy-To-Understand Rules of The Road And Compliance Strategies!

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Social Proof

The SoTellUs app lets you take your phone or tablet into the field with you to get customer reviews on the spot. You're able to say to your customer, "Love our service? So tell us..."



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Best In-Class Tools

Let Me Show You Why Tens Of Thousands Of Entrepreneurs JUST LIKE YOU Are Currently Abandoning Their Websites For ClickFunnels.

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